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Well aren't you a cutie. Welcome to my webshop!

I'm constantly working on filling this site with more and more content. Basically, this here is where you can support my work if you feel so inclined. While you can always read all the stuff that I post over at deus ex macchiato, here's the actual heart of what I do, my creative writing. Enjoy! Oh, and there's a bit more detail about the whole micro-ebook/-audiobook thing below.

Candela micro audiobook 🎧

A triangle of misunderstanding, three people who talk as if to each other, when all they do is run themselves down. Available as micro audiobook (€ 0.99, mp3-file (22:37, ~52 MB). You'll receive a download link to a DRM-free 320 KBit/s mp3 file.

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Candela micro ebook 📓

You'll receive a download link to a zip file containing a ready for print pdf, an epub and a mobi ebook, plus a neat little cover.jpg. (€ 0.49, zip file: ~234.7 kB)

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Threshold micro audiobook 🎧

Though you held my hand as we walked to your place, I never felt so alone. A story of deceit and desire. Of second hand clothing and water in stolen beer mugs. Now as the first ever micro audiobook. After payment (€ 0.79), you'll receive a link to your download as an mp3-file (5:47, ~13.2 MB).

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Threshold micro ebook 📓

After payment (€ 0.49), you'll receive a link to your download as zip-file containing the pdf, epub and mobi versions plus a neat little cover.jpg (zip file: ~91.5 KB).

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Projektionen 📚

Also existing is a finely crafted demo tapes. But the stories contained are in German. You can download the PDF here for free, and if you like it, you can send me a donation via Paypal.

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Projektionen 📚

Vier Kurzgeschichten, gratis Download. Bei Gefallen freue ich mich sehr über eine Spende! [PayPal]. Außerdem gibt es noch eine Auflage gedruckter Exemplare, die auch per Post verschickt werden können. Für nähere Informationen, schick mir doch eine E-Mail!

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Projektionen print 📮

By the way, if you have ideas for minimizing the hassle of microdonations, why don't you send me an e-mail? Speaking of sending, there are, as I mentioned, a handful of beautifully printed copies of "Projektionen" left. They are available at reading events, or of course via mail order.

Micro-ebooks 📓 and micro-audiobooks 🎧

What I never quite understood was why the Internet and the possibilities that it creates were applied to the music industry, but never literature. I grew up with stuff like Napster, Pirate Bay and how the industry failed to come up with an idea of their own, waiting for Apple to create their music shop and a quasi-monopoly.

I don't really create music, but I do create stories. I write. So while I feel that nowadays the music market has kinda adapted to the new purchasing behaviour that the Internet encouraged in listeners, nobody actually thought to apply those principles to literature. Now, I am not a publisher – well, technically I am now, since I self-publish here – but for me it would make total sense to offer smaller chunks of literature for smaller cash, just as you can buy only one song and don't have to pay to the 20 or so that were created solely to fill the 74 minutes on a CD.

Cue for: Micro-ebooks. Micro-ebooks are ebook files, but they are shorter stories. While you'd never buy a 5 buck printed short story, or at least you wouldn't find someone selling it in a book store, you could easily create and offer and buy a digital short story ebook. Same for audio books! I don't need to have a 4 CD audio version of a novel, or wait to have enough stories for an anthology so that the printing press isn't wasted on them, I can just publish stuff online. And this is what this is. Short stories that I wrote, edited to be read on your e-reader, printed on your home printer, or have read to you by me. I even include some piano music that I recorded for that reason.

This is kinda experimental, so if questions arise, or if your specific e-reader device requires a different file format or something, please email or telegram me, I'll happily create the necessary format for you. Also, especially since I've just started this micro audiobook business: any feedback is very, very welcome.

Look, this is all still new and under constant construction. Also, I made this website by hand, so if something doesn't work correctly, I would be really grateful for a hint or general feedback via email (office | fabbaz.at) or Telegram!

For now, all orders are handled manually; please allow for 500 mg of paracetamol to kick in for purchases to be processed. I'll email you a link to your download as soon as I've sobered up.

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